Bike idling but but runs ruff/cuts out after revs

Bike idling but but runs ruff/cuts out after revs (half revs and over) just cleaned carb out and was running bang on for 2-3 minutes then went back to dying on high revs, im geussing the carbs become reblocked or could be spark plug/reed valves??? I jet washed the bike last time i went to track and water could have got in the tank??


First check the easy stuff air filter. Then I would take carb off the bike.......The next thing I would clean carb blow the jets out with compressed air don't blow directly in the bowl hold air gun back a little ways so you don't mess up the float height. Oh ya I made a mistake. ........ first drain all the fuel put in fresh see if it will run it might just be bad fuel kwhich could foul plug........

Sounds like you have crap in your fuel...

Has the fuel been stagnant for a long period of time? When you cleaned your carb was there much gunk in there??

Cheers guys will get back to you.......

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