Won't start

I have a crf150f and it's only a electric start has no backup kick. I REALLY want to start it and ride around in the snow but I can't start it in -13 C. It is trying to start but can't, anyone know how to do it other than bump start

Never rode in -13d but, guessing, some spray starting fluid may work?

I've never heard of spray start fluid

Do you spray it behind the air filter or right on it

Bring it in the house for a while to warm it up!

Haha ya I wish

Put a heater in the garage and warm up your baby. Put the charger on the battery, go to Wall Mart and pick up a can of starting fluid, Talk nice and encouraging to your bike, put on some rock and roll real loud ( like born to be wild) TURN OFF THE HEATER FIRST give it a couple of short sprays in the air box. Turn on the gas and the choke, Touch the starter button. After it starts, let it warm up real good while you put on your riding gear,

Then ride it as hard as you dare till your freezing your butt off, then put it back in the garage, put on some dry clothing, turn on the TV and watch some SUPERCROSS!


That sounds great

If you can't bring it indoors place a 100 watt lightbulb or other heat source next to the engine. Use something to try to hold the heat in without catching it on fire.

turn your fuel screw clockwise untill it is closed (note down how many turns are necessary) then open it to 3.5 turns from closed  and try to start it 2 or 3 times, not more. if not enough let it rest 5 minutes while you remove the seat and cover 1/2 or more  of the air intake.



when it  starts reset the fuel screw to original position +0.5 .  do not run the bike dialed at 3.5 turns, you could loose the screw.

in usual climate reset the screw to noted original position

Thanks but it got warm and I was able to bump start it on the road

So were you able to go for a ride? Or still too much snow?

Ya I rode for a while, it's pretty hard in snow

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