Helmet decor

I posted on the local group forum I ride with (all men) asking this question, and got no feedback, so I'm hoping maybe the gender of the audience here will increase my chances! I ride dual sport, so when I needed a new helmet last year, my options were limited (it's the mx looking helmet but with a street visor, not goggles). I had a cheap zox helmet before, and when I ordered the XXS size, it was still too big. Wore that helmet out, my better half suggested I spend some money and get a good helmet. I struggled with wanting a helmet that looks good, and getting a helmet that would fit. I finally went with the helmet that fits best and ordered the smallest Aria I could get. I confess, it fits better, is quieter, I can see through the visor. But it's just sooooooo plain!! Id like to dress it up, but tastefully! All the helmet decor I can find are branded stuff like Fox or Monster drinks, or amazingly offensive sayings. Not really my thing as a dual sport rider. Anyone know of anyone that makes/sells helmet decals that are a little but more befitting an (aspiring) adventure rider? I also live in Canada, so need to order something online. Thanks ladies!!

I'm not a lady but there are plenty of people out there that will airbrush whatever you want on a helmet. If you're into that sort of thing??

I was looking for a less expensive option than airbrush painting the helmet. Thanks :)

Then you're screwed

Have it vinyl wrapped ;)

Make your own templates and spray them! Its easy, find an image you like(less colors are easier) print it out, grab painters tape and lay it down on a clean surface sticky side down in overlapping strips as wide as the paper or wider. lay down the paper with the image on it, grab your x acto and cut away what needs to be. straight through the painters tape. once done peel the painters tape up as one large piece and lay it on the helmet. Then just spray away. Or if you dont necessarily want a design you could try splatter painting or something of that effect. check out youtube for ideas. the water bubble affect is pretty cool. allot of things are used for hockey helmets too. most things are easy to do with a rattle can.

Hm interesting idea, I'll definitely google some examples! Thanks!

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