RM250 Matching Frames?

Hi guys


Bend the frame on my RM250 beyond repair riding supercross. Pretty bummed, but I gotta try to find a new one. (Or a used. Whatever).


So my question is, does all the RM250s have matching frames. Mine is a K10, so I figure it is with a K6 frame? I've heard they match frames as far back as K2 or K3?


And in relation to that, does anyone know a good place on the web (besides eBay) to purchase such used parts and frames? I'm from Europe, but websites in the US can work as well.



The last RM250 sold in the US was a K8 (2008).  As far as I know even though the geometry may have changed some over the years, any frame from '01 and newer is interchangeable.


Just know that unless you buy the same year frame your bike will no longer be classified as that year.  So if your bike is a 2010 and you buy a 2010 frame then it's still a 2010.  But if you went with a 2001 frame then it's a frankenbike, even if the performance didn't change.

Linkage brackets, footpeg mounts and rear master cylinder mount + a few unimportant things were all changed in 2004, so any frame 2003-2001 will not be interchangeable to your running gear. I do not know how they measure up geometry-wise.



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They changed the frame geometry slightly in 07, to tilt the engine forwards a little. I'm not exactly sure how they changed it to achieve this, nor whether it would make a very noticeable difference anyway tbh. 

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