YZ125,250 VHM, Phathead, BUD performance cylinder heads !

Thinking about purchasing a performance cylinder head for my YZ. It seems like an easy performance upgrade to a 2 stroke. All you have to do is replace the cylinder head.The head can be customized with inserts  to give you a different compression ratio resulting in a more power, the kit requires you use a higher octane fuel with high compression head inserts !

Kits costs approx $250 anyone know if its worth the money !

Any thought to just setting the squish? Cheaper...

Any thought to just setting the squish? Cheaper...

I agree just buy a head off ebay. send yours and the new one off to set squish and compression one for pump one for race....should save a few bucks....

Check out the ones from yzstuff.com too.

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Does someone know the spec of the VHM cylinder head for yz250?

I know the squish is at 1.5mm and with different volumes.

But I would like to know

1) the WIDTH of the squish band

2) the ANGLE of the squish band

thanks a lot

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