Am I crazy?

I have a '2011 FE450, mint with only 38hrs! thinking of selling it and getting a TE300 or 300XC-W. Am I crazy? I mostly ride single track woods and struggle mostly with the weight of the bike climbing gnarly hill climbs and wrestling with it when I don't make it up. I'm a smaller rider 5'8" 170lbs. Also, what's my bike worth these days?

I sold my 2013 Beta 400RR because of those exact reasons. Couldn't be happier with the TE300. My advice is try borrow one for a ride and make your decision based on that

I have a 2008 KX450F and a 2014 TE300....... What a difference! The TE300 feels like a pit bike on steroids! I love them both but the berg is light and instant in your face power. The KX is a great bike and never let me down but has me tired and breathing heavy in any technical stuff.

I bailed off my 06 CRF450R and onto a 2014 Husaberg TE300 and will never look back. I cannot believe how amazing this TE300 is.

The 300s are awesome bikes.  Spent some time riding a '13 KTM 300 a few weeks ago, it is pretty much the perfect dirt bike.


I love 2 strokes, they tend to suck me in with their crackly sound, manic power and light weight, causing me to go faster than I should :)


I also like the nature of the 4 stroke traction and feel.  The slant engine FE 450 exels at this.  Silly me.  I want to own both.  Of course that would be an expensive proposition.


My way around is to have an '01 trail modded CR250 in the garage alongside my '10 FE 450.  The CR is no TE300, but it is light, quick. hauls ass and has proven itself to be generally indestructible.  Used Japanese two stroke MX bikes can be had for beer money.  Good enough for me. :)


By the way, I found the FE450 is the most sensitive dirt bike I have ever owned to rear end sag setting.  When it is off, it affects the handling a lot.  When it is right, the bike is magic.  At least for me, the bike needs more sag than normal.  To tall in the back and it is squirrelly.

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Really depends on what type of riding you like.(single track woods would be much more fun on the TE300, with its ligher feel)


I have recently purchased a TE300 (see my garage for pics). I really do like this bike lot. Its a very good all rounder.


If you intend to do a lot of more open trails (or use it a onroad a bit) the FE450 will be more enjoyable. The TE300 is def not suited to road riding (or any commuting would sux on this bike) , it dirt beast!


It you like more technical riding you will love the TE300 . It good on open trails, but it excels in the tighter stuff, as its so light and nimble.


If you go up a gear it has 4T like torque low down, unlike a lot of smaller  2T which you need to ride on the pipe to get the most out of them.

I have not riden the KTM 300 but from what read (see vid below) the Berg has been turned for a little bit more low down torque than the KTM.


What I also really like is the tuneability of the power valve on this bike. You can make them more mellow and linear or nasty (and oh Yeah!!)

(EDIT: Its a very simple 2 minute job to do this tuning)


Like any 2T you may find the lack of engine braking takes a bit of getting used to as you need better brake control than on the 4T.


Have a look at these video.(these will make you want one!, damn I want to go ride right now, myself...)



This one is KTM 300(very similar bike to the TE300)


This is the TE300 (2012) review and its what I have.

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This is what a pro can do with the bike. This guy is a legend


This is what a pro can do with the bike. This guy is a legend

Hell that's nothing, I can ride like that!

As far as the last few seconds. (4:11)

mmm ,Well  I can do the last few seconds bit at 4:11 :p

I went from a 450x to a te300 and its been a good change for me. Most of my riding buddies have went back to 2-stroke too.

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