Eastern NC riders?


I just picked up an 05 Kx250F (in good working order for a pretty low price)


Where does everyone ride around the Havelock area?  I know there are some MX tracks nearby, what about trails?

I'm in Wilmington and have been to most of the places around here , Outback is the best singletrack.



Is it normally busy?  I am just getting back into dirtbikes so its been quite a while since I have ridden  (Ive been on jet skis for the last few years)


Im originally from MI and we have state run trails, does NC have anything like that?

Not really sure, Im heading to MIdway Sat or Sun. Got some trails, fire roads, mud and more mud. Been a while since my last trip out there, maybe there is some new stuff. It's close to Wilm and only $10. Cant really go wrong.

the state trails are all in western part of NC, uhwarrie is the closest to you. but you have to have a Licensed machine to ride INSIDE of the NC parks, you can ride the trails with no tag but there are miles and miles of trail roads that you cant ride..


although it does not take much to tag a bike in nc


kind of stupid imho...

Im originally from MI where pretty much everything is tracked with paper.  Here in NC a bill of sale is about all that you need I guess.  What does it take to Tag a bike, you arent talking about lights, turn signals etc for a lic plate/tag are you?

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