Need advice on buying "blown" ktm

Found a 2006 250sxf. Guy says the bottom end is blown. Water pump went out "broke the crank and snapped the connecting rod". Say his mechanic told him top end "looked fine". Snapped rod, could top really be fine? He's asking 1200 for the bike. I can buy a complete bottom for around 500. Is this worth it?? To risky?? Waiting to find out what suspension set up is. Might be a deciding factor? Thanks!!

1200 is steep for an 06 with a snapped rod, just do a list of total to fix the bike( over estimate) + price of bike and compare that to the value of the same bike in good running condition

Its a $500 dollar bike on a good day.


If he wants 1200 he is going to have to part it out and hope someone needs something.

I wouldn't even give him $500 for it if you want to fix it.. Parts for that would be well over $2,000 plus the time it takes to do it. Your time is worth something, so you need to determine how much your time is worth. $50 an hour? $80 an hour? Then you have to turn around and sell it again at some point... how much do you think you will get for an 8 year old bike? You might be able to $2600 for it... and that's not including the risk you're taking by possibly taking on more of a job then he says it is.


I'd offer him $500 and not fix it... part it out and sell the plastic, gas tank, wheels, frame... etc.

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