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Yamaha 04-09 YFZ 450 ACCEL. PUMP SPRING

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Has anyone heard of/ used the accelerator pump spring from merge racing? It is a stiffer spring that is supposed to eliminate the bog instead of doing the zip tie / wire tie mod.  Right now I have it zip tied and wire tied lol works good but if this spring works better it is well worth the $15.  When I got the quad it had the zip tie mod already but the rpm's would hang at about 1/4 throttle after I would rev it... took the zip tie off and it stopped, but here came the bog.  So I adjusted the little screw/spring on the throttle where the ac. pump meets it.  turned it so it would go out and the rpm's NO LONGER stuck.  I beleive they were stuck because the pump was "stuck" to the throttle and it was out just enough to let a little fuel out to make the rpm's rise.......... runs mint now still has very minimal bog at the low end... so if that spring works I want it lol

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