Yfz450 dies

I just got an 07 yfz450. It runs good, if i rev it, its fine but if i barely bush the throttlw slowly it seems to die at 1/8 throttle. If i gove it a quick rev its fine but as soon as i push the throttle in a tiny bit less than 1/4 it dies. Is that because my idles too low? Is it a fuel air mixture problem?

Forgot to mention. If im putting down the road barely touching the gas it wants to die but wont because im still rolling. It idles and revs anywhere over 1/8 throttle maybe 1/4 throttle but anywhere below that it cuts out. .

Sounds like a dirty carb. I bet if you pull your carb and clean it out and check the adjustments it would take out that hesitation. 

Clogged low end jet, leak jet. Clean both and your good. They get dirty from old gas going stale

Cleaning the carb, checking jets ect.. is always a good idea. The YFZ was designed to go fast, having a fast idle won't hurt.

No advantage to low idle speed except engine braking downhill.

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