what kind of oil should i use?

I've been riding for a little while now and i was wanting to change the oil. I have a 2003 rm250. I was wondering what kind of oil i should use?

Are you referring to the transmission oil?

Are you referring to the transmission oil?

rm250s don’t have engine oil so he must be referring to the transmission.

I use maxima MTL fluid in my smoker

He could have meant pre-mix. I just wanted to clarify.

I use Bel Ray Gear Saver in mine. A lot of guys run ATF in their gear boxes.

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Maxima clutch oil. 75 to 80. Good stuff

I used maxima for first few changes,then read about rotella- figured we have 2 55gal drums of it at work,so I've been using it,working great so far. Not to mention rotella is 13$ a gal. At walmart also,compared to 8/9$ a qt for maxima 80/85w at cyclegear!

I would 100% only ever buy Bel Ray gear saver for use in my 2 stroke transmissions. I've used it for 6 years and never had any problem. Switched to a Motul 2t trans oil and I could feel that the clutch was not as smooth and I absolutely hated it. Drained the Motul that night and put some Bel Ray Gear Saver in again and it was back to buttery smooth. I say Bel Ray Gear Saver 100%

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