I have a 2002 YZ250f my carb has the TPS on it. I want to throw the carb in the ultrasonic cleaner but I'm not sure if the TPS should come out or if there is any need to clean that as well? I've searched the forums and found no info on this topic. I hope you guys can help. Thanks

The TPS should not be subjected to any cleaning solutions.

If you are going to place the TPS in a ultrasonic tank (just detergent) remove teh TPS. Reset it by the manual, do not just 'put in the same spot'.

Be sure to properly reinitialize the slide and reset the AP.

Those tamper proof torx screws made it interesting to get off the carb. I had to run out and grab a set of the required torx bits. Thanks for the help.

What kind of fluid do you use in your cleaner? I heard not to use "caustic" but idk what that is?

You were not supposed to remove the tamper proof screws.


Were you able to reassemble the carb and get it working?

I bought the security torx kit so that I could get them out. I carefully took it apart, took pictures and cleaned it my uktra sonic cleaner with water and a cap full of pinesol. It came out super clean and got debris and junk out of areas I couldn't get to by hand. I put it back together and installed it on the bike after blowing it out with compressed air. It started up with no issues, idled and runs great with no issues.

Tamper proof? I have torx bits to get it off and I'm about to go the same route. I looked at the manual and it seems pretty easy to reset the tps. I tested resistance and got 4.63 which the manual says 4-6 is good. I'm gonna set it until I get 5 and see if the bike runs without going through the whole process unless there's an objection?

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