Can't get traction

Have any tips?  The tire is still really good, I have a problem with traction, just cant get it.  I softened up the lo speed shock rebound and it didn't really seem to make a difference.  The track was a lil moist but nothing too bad.

What is your sag numbers and clickers ?

I checked it just now and the lock nut backed off and sag was 114, that would do it huh?

What bike as some Ktms like lots of sag but for the average bike 114 is too much

2013 kx450f. I never had that much of a prob and think it even effected the front too. I revalved the front so didnt think about the rear causing front problems yoo. Well I have race today so see how adjusting the sag worked out.

Wow, WAY better. Sag at 4"

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