Does the turbinecore2 come with a spark arrestor and does it look different from a 4 stroke

Why I ask is I bought my son a yz125 and inside the pipe I'm not sure if it has one it just looks different not like the stock pipe on my yzf250

It should be stamped right on there if it has one . Something about being USFS approved. Shove a stick in there. If it goes in a long way, then no spark arrestor. You can always get a universal spark arrestor if it does not have one. It would slip over the end of existing muffler. Heck I might have one of sorts in my garage I can send to you if you need it.

It doesn't have the stamp on it but on my old crf230 it had a fmf pipe you could see the screen but it didn't have the stamp on it if you like to send it I'd be more than happy to accept it if it doesn't fit I could send it back

I checked the pipe and it is stamped I'm just wondering if the screen was removed you can see the turbine looking things in the pipe is that the spark arrestor thanks in advance

The turbine core doesnot have a screen but it has sort of a fan shaped piece inside and you can not look straight through it. . I think it is consideeed a s/a though.

Okay thanks just wanted to make sure I didn't want to get to carnigie and be tod we couldn't rie

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