XR4 carb is leaking gas also missing the plastic funnel

So I took my XR4 carb apart for the first time a few weeks ago just to see if I could do it and get the bike to start after putting it back together (don't laugh, baby steps.....). I bought the bike in December.

Anyway it didn't hit me until today when trying to start it I noticed that it was leaking gas out the carb drain tube pretty bad but now I remember that when I took the carb apart that there was no plastic funnel thing that goes over the main jet. I don't know what the funnel is called but it's missing and I want to order a replacement.

Anyone know what the part is called (or have a part #)?

The bike starts and runs without it but starting is difficult.

Well I guess I don't need the part number any more because I just ordered a Mikuni 36mm pumper carb kit. :)

I realize you purchased a new carb.  However, here is the answer to your question.  The missing part is "HOLDER, JET
16168-382-014".  It keeps fuel within reach of the main jet when the going gets rough.  I would have also checked the float level to fix the fuel running out.



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