2006 YZ450 full oil capacity?

I replaced my stator with an HD stator and I'm wondering how much oil dose it take? I've added 2qts so far and there's nothing on the dip stick.

I believe it's 1 qt

Hold's 1.27 quarts with filter change, 1 quart without filter change.  It will not show up on the stick until you crank it.  2 quarts is way to much. 

Ok, I thought it was around that but didn't realize I have to crank it for it to show up on the stick. Thanks.

Thanks Gray. Do you have any options for getting the other qt out?

I tried to get the other qt out but I was only able to get a 1/4 qt out. What is the amount of oil the bike takes when you do the bottom end or replace the stator?

If you completely disassemble the engine and are filling it for the first time after that, it takes 1.2L (1.27 qt)


Otherwise, it's the same thing; 1 qt without a filter replacement, 1 Liter with a filter.

Ok cause I had the fill cap and dip stick hole open and I wasn't getting anymore than a 1/4 after putting in 2qts in.

If you don't run the engine after filling the oil, nothing will show on the dip stick because you fill the oil into a different volume than that where the stick is located.  The way it works is, drain, fill, run, check, in that order.  Otherwise, the oil will just stay in the sump instead of being pumped out and into the oil reservoir where the stick is. 

Ok thanks what I was thinking. I didn't start it up but I did kick it over a few times to try to get it moving around.

It needs to run for 30-45 seconds at least.

Thanks and I knew it was in there but wasn't sure where it went.

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