Cleand carb now? help

Tried to kick over my 2000 CR250R yesterday ( after sitting 2 weeks, in hospital ) And after 25 kicks nothing. SO I cleaned my carb and on the 2nd kick it fired. adjusted the air and throttle, now when it revving DOWN  just before its at the bottom and it starts to Ideal, it revs a little? not much but I can hear it. what is that?

Maybe reword it a little. When you let go of the throttle it drops low then starts revving higher for no reason? Then drops back down to where it is suppose to be? If that's the case maybe your floats are misadjusted and you starve the carb. When the carb is starved it revs higher for a little bit then dies. Well the same concept applies but, at idle it is using less gas and the bowl can refill and well that higher rev would go away. If your talking about something different please reexplain and we will try to help.


that's it just a little rev before it Idles.

I would check the float to ensure it is adjusted correctly, if you already did that then just ride with it and leave it be. I can't really think of anything else it could be.

Air leak? Spray carb clean around carb while idling. .id say it needs gone through again check float hieght and set air fuel screw to factory or suggested for your elevation

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