Proper way?

well i've cleaned a few carbs before so im familiar with carbs but, does anybody know of a video that shows and explains how to properly clean a 2stroke carb? i want to make sure im doing everything right 

If you cleaned carbs before, a two stroke shouldn't be too different.


Get the float level set right and everything else is just take apart and spray out good with carb cleaner. Not much to most 2 stroke carburetors. 4 stroke carb, now there's a mess..

Did you check Youtube? I heard there are a lot of videos there.

Don't forget about the power band adjustment while it is apart!

And you might Need new Needle bearings on the Needle.

I have a few videos and other information on my website that will help you and answer some questions.  I actually have a lot of other motorcycle how to videos as well.  Check out the main page(s) here.  I also have an entire restoration series that has lots of tips, how to, and tricks sprinkled in.  Check under Barn Fresh Restoration


Motorcycle how to videos


Or the individual carburetor related videos


Carburetor disassemblely and diagnosis


Help getting a bike up and running again  This one has some good general carburetor information on cleaning and setting up a carburetor on a bike that has been sitting for many years


Idle speed mixture adjustment  One of my most popular videos, do this after cleaning, but before attempting your overall jetting.


If you have specific questions leave them on the website (no registration required to comment) as I probably won't see them here.

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