Polaris Outlaw 525 Starter Problem (video)

When I try to start the ATV, it sounds like something is holding the starter back from spinning smoothly. I thought it was the starter itself, so I replaced it but I'm still having the same issue. The battery is also 100% charged and I even hooked it up to my truck and tried but still got the same result. Anyone know what's wrong? Here's the youtube link for the video:






Thank you in advance

Try adjusting your jetting a bit. These bikes come so lean from the factory it's a miracle they run. I can't hear your video because I have sound problems but did you check to see if there's a connection off somewhere? 525's are notoriously hard to start, I had a brand new one leave me stranded in the woods once but after jetting a bit richer (sorry, I do not remember the jetting specs but someone can probably steer you in the right direction) it was much easier to fire up. 

Your decrompression valve is faulty.

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