Rear Brake pedal options?

I test rode a 2012 300 XC-W that I am thinking about buying.  I noticed it seemed hard to locate the rear brake pedal wit my foot (normal shoes / boot on).  Does it get easiler to "locate" after you ride awhile?  Do they make any sort of an extender, or is an extender dangerous?




They offer a machined aluminum brake tip through KTM power parts.  I put one on my bike for that exact reason and it seemed to help, it is also slightly larger than the stock tip.

I think you get used to it. Check to see it's not so close to the clutch cover it's rubbing on it, makes it had to get your foot on. Mine was, probably from being laid down. I just took it off and bent it out a bit. 


Best price I've seen on an aftermarket one is from Rocky Mountain, the Tusk one for $60.

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