Good or Junk?

Im currently looking at a 2008 crf 250r with stage 3 cam and kibblewhite stainless steel valves with the springs to match the cam and valves and also a aftermarket piston would you guys recommend it? Also what are some pros and cons on this year crf?

Well this year crf is the first year to get the HPSD if I remember correctly. Also the build sounds like its good I don't know if stock retainers are prone to break, but that's probably what I'd check on if he has a new cam, springs,and valves. Just the main thing is go through it with a fine tooth comb and make sure he treated it right.

I have the Hotcams stage III on my 05 250R and it's great! Still lots of bottom end and it pulls hard to the limiter now. Actually a very similar setup 05 to 08, carb size went back down in 08 to help bottom end power. 08 is a great year to my understanding.

Make sure to give the bike the third degree inspection before buying. You are much better off getting a low hour creampuff and putting your own cam in... unless this bike is priced right.

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Everything was professionally installed and maintained from what the guy said have to go check it out

I'd MUCH rather have a guy install and maintain his own stuff- as long as he's not an idiot. Bikes need a lot of care but they're simple. Someone who drags their bike to a shop for service is gonna be neglecting some things.

It's situational- if a guy has his bike at the shop for an hour or two every week I bet it's fine. But most people who can't do their own work take their bike in once or twice a year and that's not enough keep it happy.

An 05 that right there was an awesome bike..... I will always regret selling mine.

An 05 that right there was an awesome bike..... I will always regret selling mine.

Thank you sir! It's a great bike.

An 05 that right there was an awesome bike..... I will always regret selling mine.

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-CRF250R -TRX400EX

I'd have to +1 what everyone above me is saying, it sounds like a good build but make sure you go through it with a fine tooth comb when you see it. Just a couple tricks I've heard of include removing the air filter and feeling for sand in the air box, also loosen some of the bolts like the oil filter cover bolts and see if the guy is the kind of person to over tighten everything, this can cause problems with breaking bolts when you do take it apart. I'm sure everyones got plenty of tricks on what to check. 

Maybe I just miss mine to much :(... Oh well looks like ima buy another once I'm done building my zx haha

Well I think I'm going to go ahead and buy it after I sell my jeep project truck. Time for a new bike haha.

Not sure what your paying  for it but typical cost of a 2010 and up would only be a few hundred more than the typical cost of an 08


the FI bikes are much better

It's about a 2000 dollar difference

Dude that looks like my old bike... Renthal sticker is where I had it and you have a dent on the back right side of the exhaust..... You dot live in jersey do you?!

Haha nope from north Chicago

-CRF250R -TRX400EX

Haha nope from north Chicago

-CRF250R -TRX400EX

Aww got excited for a second that a fellow TT'er might have my old bike. Ahh oh well guess I'm going crazy hahahaha.

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