What a pleasure to work on a almost new DRZ434 SM (SSW worked motor already)... Clean, well maintained and rider wanting to do only the best in add ons, MODS, and all the reliability fixes prepping for a long upcoming ride.


 I really don't mind helping out the cash strapped rider that just needs it fixed.... But I really enjoy building with the best parts available.


Install IMS gas tank with manual petcock

Install and wire F&R LED blinkers, Electronic flasher and Edge tail light using OEM connectors sourced from Japan.

Install Kick start kit

Install S kick stand 

Install IMS pegs

Oil Change

Free Power MOD

Bypass Kick Stand Switch

Install 4 circuit Painless wiring ATO fuse panel 

Install Volt meter 

Install GPS and wiring 

Install Headlight bypass using Highway Dirt Bike brake perch dual switch




Nice project.....Would an FCR39MX fit ok with that IMS tank ?

Nice project.....Would an FCR39MX fit ok with that IMS tank ?



Thanks. :smirk:

That's very thoughtful of you Eric. :thumbsup: ...maybe shoot some progress pics up for board to plunder upon...lol

Nice job to start the day with:)

..maybe shoot some progress pics up for board to plunder upon...lol

Choose not to work on it tonight, long day on the range and I've had a few beers.. :devil: 

Monday I'll dig in and will post a few pics once it's done (wed, still waiting on parts)

Plus one on Pix

Nice project.....Would an FCR39MX fit ok with that IMS tank ?



O'k just ordered one !  :D


Somethings are just a pain..


What size are DRZ bars??? Why that depends on model of course..

ok then,,, what size are DRZ400SM bars? Why that depends on year of course  :thumbsup:


Those that know the bike, know this..


Those that own one DRZ and don't know all the changes,, looking at the catalog.. well IT SAYS THEY FIT... :rolleyes:  Unless of course you have a later model SM... then you have 1 1/8 bars.... and buying 7/8 Cycra CRM Hand Guard kit wont work so well. :banghead:


Leaving the owner four choices


Dont install.. not really an option

Buy the correct clamps.. Plus $48 and shipping time &$

Return the whole kit and buy the correct kit ....shipping time &$

Ask the Owner of Marquez Racing to bore the 7/8" clamps to 1 1/8 "  :cool:  so we can get this project done and out the door.


I choose  option #4




Just like to say I'm glad someone stepped up and took Victoria's $20K to build her boyfriends dream DRZ. :jawdrop:

My Marquez :cool:  we salute you. :devil:



















































You all know I'm just joking. :rolleyes:



You all know I'm just joking. :rolleyes:


:thinking: ????????..Could it be Vic's bike..?.. :eek:

Nice Work E

Yeah , what happened to VIC ? :thinking:

That really looks like fun! You are a generous person to do that for someone else. :thumbsup:

That really looks like fun! You are a generous person to do that for someone else. :thumbsup:

I don't like unfinished jobs....  :thumbsup:  My work quote said "Install Hand Guards" .. not " install Hand Guards if it's easy and requires no MOD's"  ;)

IMS Tank installed 


As is common, some fitment of the mounts required.. just a few seconds with a air die grinder is all. Hand file would have done just as well.

EDIT: I spoke too soon.. I had not installed the lower front mounts when i typed that above.... What a fricken pain in the ass ...the tank holes and threaded fastener to be attached to were off by a long ways ... The one thing I hate about all the aftermarket tanks is the initial fitment...Only my IMS Team tank went on smoothly all others i've installed, couple of dozen over the years, all brands, are a pain.


Electronic flasher installed 


Pins removed from the OEM flasher/relay combo, then matching bullet connectors added to those wires and the flasher mates.  Ground wire was placed under the lower center dash screw.


Edge2 taillight installed along with DRC LED blinkers



Will make a sub bracket today to mount the license plate.. as the plate holes do not match up with the holes on the plate holder. 



Free Power MOD done...



Side stand switch bypass completed 



KOSO voltage meter installed and wires run, but not yet connected,, waiting on the fuse panel. 


4 Circuit painless wiring fuse panel installed  , with hot lead on a key on switched relay 


Had to mil down some of the fuse box as it was just too large to fit where I wanted it..




License plate bracket made, and fitted




Dual switch perch mount installed and wired up.. Low beam bypass now ready at the push of a button.

Second position is for a future add on set of lights.



KOSO voltage meter wired to the fuse panel, reading actual battery voltage




And now we wait for USPS delivery tomorrow in the hope my Eastern Beaver order gets here


Very nice,  your work is nice and clean/profesional,  looking forward to seeing this DRZ completed. 


This is not your bike?

Very nice,  your work is nice and clean/profesional,  looking forward to seeing this DRZ completed. 


This is not your bike?

This is not his bike ... M8

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