05 Inner fork tubes fit a 03?

I need a new one and all I can find are 05 and 06 inner fork tubes...will they fiton my 03?  The part numbers between the 03 and 05 are not the same on the Honda parts sites... but they are all 47mm Showa.

They will fit but the axle offset is wrong.  You will need a pair from the 05 or get a one from a 02-04

Good to know thanks!

also forgot to add, that the 04+ use the newer brake caliper bracket. 

So if I went with 05 fork lowers I would also have to get a 05 brake caliper bracket? Will my 03 brake caliper mount to the 05 bracket or would that have to be 05 as well?


Make sure you use both lowers or both uppers. The fork tubes were longer on the 03 than the 05. The 03-04 had the optional 20" front wheel. Thats why they were 5mm longer.

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