Hi i just bought a 03 crf230 and it does not run

Hello everyone I am a new member as well as a new dirt bike owner my bike is a 2003 Honda CRF230F the first thing i did when i got it was clean the fueal tank and put fresh gas and a new battery and it started with full choke on and gas on it was fine but after about a min or two gas started dumping fuel out of the overflow line now my first thought was a stuck float or debris in lines or carb so I removed carb and took apart and cleaned everything and put back together same as before now after all that was done it would only start with me holding the the throttle and on full choke but there is still lots of fuel dumping out of the overflow line and i dont know what to do some one please help me!?!?!? 

Check the main jet shroud to be sure it is aligned properly.  If it is not it will bind on the float and cause exactly what you are describing.  Also any debris in the tank will have the same effect as it will impede the float needle valve from working properly.

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Is that the white plastic cone? cause that seems very loose.

I will take the tank apart and clean and blast it again as well as the petcock and fuel line.

ok so I finished the tank just now and im still having the same issues people please chime in with info i need ya`lls help 

If fuel is pouring out it's the floats not coming up as fuel flows into the bowl. You need to find out why they aren't floating.

The float goes up and pushes the little black tipped needle up to stop the fuel flow. If it is not sealing then fuel continues to flow comes out the overflow. Pull the float and clean the tip of the shutoff needle and the seat.

Sometimes the float will hang up and not move up and down smoothly. Check for any flashing or edge that may grab the side of the carb.

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