Crf150r hours

Is 48 hours a lot for a 2013 crf150r?

Depends on my ktm 150sx 2013 i have 125 hours bough it in march

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Is 48 hours a lot for a 2013 crf150r?

Actual hours?  if the oil was changed, filter clean that would be low in my mind.  I only ride track, & I seem to average 2 hours of run time on the meter per outing.  So I would say that is low. We've had my kids 150r forever now & it takes a beating, keeps on ticking.  I just change the clutch oil every other ride & engine oil every 4th.  I bet we have 200 hours or more on that bike.

That is about average for a year old bike.  You will find garage queens with less hours and bikes that the owners have the luxury of living near riding areas with many more hours.  I can only ride weekends and get out 3 or 4 days a month and put about 75 hours a year on my bikes.

Is 48 hours a lot for a 2013 crf150r?

48 Hours!!!!!  Good gosh man, what the heck are you doing with that thing?  Actually using it for what its intended for and enjoying some seat time?  Put that thing in the garage, get it all cleaned up really nice, and let it set for a year so all your friends can come over and just look at it.  

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