Having a Hard Time Figuring out the proper YEAR!?

Bought the KX250f, was told it was a 2008. Sticker on the bike says its a 2008 but ran the VIN # at the dealer and said it was a 2009....  they couldnt check it in the Canadian system, had to find it through the US system. So that tells me its a US bike brought over to Canada. Ive been buying parts for the bike for example a Case Saver. got the 2009, put it on the bike and did not fit properly..... The item said it would not fit a 2008- 2006 KX250f :??? .  second issue was the maintenance manual. pictures of the engine and how it looks up front are not lining up either. I dont really know if the manual pictures should really line up perfectly but the engine in front of me has subtle differences then the book in front of me.


So question is, do you guys know by looking at this picture if the bike is it a 2008 or 2009 cause i am really lost.




It's not the 09 wrong plastic design. It's 06-08

09 yfz450r

09 kx450f

What ^^^^he said.

The 10th number of the vin should be the year. Looks like an 08.

2008 for sure  got one just like it

It is a 2008, 2009 doesn't have sight glass in clutch cover and plastics are different

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