Cr500 pops when kickstarting

Bike runs great has a fresh engine it just pops/backfires when I kickstart sometimes is that a sign its running rich?

Sounds like it is too lean. Adjust your air screw to richen the idle mixture. Did you put on a new pipe or something new on the intake that flows more air? Could also be an air leak somewhere.

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It's same exhaust as before it only does it when I try start it when cold never while running

My old 84 cr500 did all sorts of crazy shit when starting it cold. Including tossing my ill 13 year old (at the time) ass over the bars. Once it warmed up it was all gravy. If it runs good enough for you I'd say just run her!

I have a 380 2st and it does that sometimes too when I don't kick it hard enough.   I think it is because the cylinder fires once but not enough to get it running and makes that pop sound.

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