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Need bolt sizes (stripped out need to either tap or helicoil)

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Hey guys, So Im getting ready to do my "winter maintenance" before the season starts(yes I know the season is year round but NOT THE POINT OF THIS THREAD) I need the sizes for numerous bolts that were stripped out, most if not all by the previous owner. Most being minor, but annoying This is the first thing I want to take care of. any help would be great!! Either what size they are or what size i should tap it out to or even which would be better to tap over helicoil or vice versa

There are others besides these but ive got them taken care of

Bolts I need to know

Part #s: 

90105-08085-00  (49 in diagram 1)

90105-08659-00 (18 in diagram 2)

3SP-23356-L0-00 (56 in diagram 3)


Diagram 1

Diagram 1.gif


Diagram 2

Diagram 2.gif


Diagram 3

Diagram 3.gif



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49 and 18 are m8 x 1.25. 59 is m6 x 1. This would definitely apply on the steel frame 250's. Aluminum frame may be different on the first two but I would think the fork guard bolt would still be the same. I would helicoil if it were mine. Clay

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