Bar Twist Issue. Know what I want to do, but can't find parts 95 KX250

I've got a 1995 KX250, I'm getting some bar twist issues.  It came from the factory with a solid top clamp, and it was visibly twisted when I removed it.  I straightened it as best I could, but it still isn't right. If you've ever ridden a bike with that issue, then you know what I'm dealing with, and it's not fun.  I want to go to solid Aluminum cones in place of the stock rubber ones.  I can't find them from any of the regular parts sites.  and the ones I hear about searching on line all say they don't make them anymore when I investigate further.  If I have to, I'll go with a stiffer rubber cone if I have to, but am even having a problem finding those for my bike and year model.  I also want to get another one piece top clamp, and again, I can't find any for my year model.  I looked at replacing the whole riser assembly, to be able to get a stronger one piece top clamp.  I'm going to go ahead and buy now bars, so if I needed to bump up to 1-1/8" bars instead of 7/8" that'd be fine too.


So, on top of any good advice on the parts mentioned above, can anyone tell me what years crossover as far as the risers go.  I have a feeling some of the newer model risers will fit, but I can't find a good way to check and see. I know the hole spacing will have to be the same in the triple clamps to go with a solid upper mount, so any cross over advice will be very much appreciated as well.


I'd like to not have to go to the expense of replacing the whole upper triple clamp, I'm definitely on a budget these days.


Thanks in advance for any and all advice.



You can get some aluminum cones solid bushings from ebay for $30.  That's where I got mine, and though the rubber bushing part numbers are different from an 01 kdx 220 to an 02 kx 125, I swapped mine over while doing my hybrid build and they fit fine.

Thanks guys, that pretty much clears up what I'm needing.  I had seen the cones on ebay, but was hoping I could find them from one of the bigger distributers so I could order everything I needed from one place, (I've got like 3 bikes worth of misc. parts to order) but I think eBay may be the only way to go for these.  I had also looked on FRP and never came across that top clamp once, that's exactly what I was wanting, I really appreciate that.  It's just what the doctor ordered.



Zeta rubber can get them on eBay

I've got everything ordered that I'll need.  I was wanting to be able to get everything from one place, but that just wasn't going to happen.  I ordered the top clamp from FRP, the aluminum cones from ebay, and another set of pro tapers just incase the bars are tweaked a little.  I would think that would have to fix the problem.


It's not too bad in twisty tight woods, but if you hit a long straight, especially if it's sand or gravel, it can get sketchy fast.


If it all works out like it's supposed to, I should have everything I ordered but this weekend.  I'm sooooo ready to get this problem fixed.


Thanks for all the links and suggestions.

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