KTM 250SX-F 2014 Suspension advice



Need advice to dial the bikes suspension.


I weight about 68kg plus gear, amateur speed.


Any ideas for good setup for clickers and racesag?


The original setup feels a little hard.



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Springs are firm on the 2014 I weigh 70kg and have softer springs

on my 250 sx i use stock clicker settings and used the race tech suspension gauge to find the right springs for my weight and my race sag is set at 100 mm and the bike handles like a dream, not sure how well the sxf will handle with these settings though

Springs are firm on the 2014 I weigh 70kg and have softer springs


Did You change both shock and fork spring or only shock?


Racetech recommends for Me a 5.1kg spring to shock and original spring to forks.


Did You revalve?

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Mine has a 5.1 and the box says std fork springs for you I would actually go 4.8 and 0.44

Think 4.4nm may be to much for 48nm rear spring

Yes probably correct 0.42?

I'm the same weight and run the same bike. 


I've tried a wide variance of spring rates in the fork and shock from .44 - .46 and 5.0 - 5.4 in the shock. 


I've found the happiest common denominator is .45 fronts and 5.4 (OE) rear.  I'm getting 35mm of static and 105mm rider sag with that spring. 


Then adjust oil height to get the right amount of plushness out of it. The stock forks have a lot of oil, I run mine around 365cc's without too much grief. 


Unfortunately, even with the right springs and oil height, you'll still have a lot of stiction on the forks and the shock is all over the place. My suggestion is to send the stuff to a professional tuner, someone who specializes in WP components, so they have the right "modifications" to make them work. 

Thank for the advice.

Maybe its best that ill call skog racing and book a time for rebuilt to my specs.

I got them revalved at skogracing and bike is much better.

I think the main problem was the rear shock rebound.

At the moment I have problem to get the bike run a strait line at small sharp edge bumps.

Maybe the rear is a little bit hard?

Racesag is about 103mm with 5.1 spring.

High speed 1 6/8

Low speed 10

Rebound 8

Comp 10

Rebound 8

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Try shock reb at 14

Try shock reb at 14

I have tried that, rear comes way too fast up and hits my ass...:) Edited by Rubu

Lowspeed comp and rebound was too closed, now its better. Bike feels pretty good now, maybe little bit someting to give more that plush feeling...

Tye check your sags again as I get 102/38 on a 5.1 and I weigh more than you

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