Snow riding.

I know, there's tons of subjects in snow riding. Mines different.

I see tons if threads in picked tires, but my uncle who works at a tire shop says picked tires just work on ice. Would a paddle tire, or picked tire work better in anywere from 4-12 inches if snow?

Try each and report back.

Honestly, I don't think anything is going to work good in snow. Our bikes just aren't meant for it. Especially a foot of it. I'm in the process of picking up a set of tires for the ice and packed tracks/snow. If I had to guess, a paddle tire would work better in the snow. Nothing is going to work great though.

I've used a paddle tire on the rear and ice screws in the front tire.  It worked well in the snow, as long as you were always taking a fresh line.  Trying to ride through ruts in the snow was tough, but fresh snow was a blast!

I have run both a paddle, studs, and a track kit this winter, the studs will work better if the snow is fluffy and there is a layer of hard packed snow or ice under it, for snow deeper than 8 inches especially dense wet and heavy snow a paddle tire will work better, for both options a studded front tire will be very beneficial. 

I usually take the bike out in the snow every year a few time on just normal tires (not studded). If its around 4" its pretty fun and can carry a lot of speed. The one time I went out this year it was over 6" and it wasnt fun at all. Couldn't get much speed and got stuck to easily.

Right now there's 9inches of the white stuff out there. I got a brand new rear knobby and I was hauling threw it today. Just put the knobby on last night

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