2 Stoke 250?

I currently ride a 250f and want a yz250, are 2 strokes better in the bush? What year model yz250s are good?

Thanks in advance!

It's all rider preference man. Ride whatever you have the most fun on. I rip my 250f in the woods once every few months and it's awesome. But I also ride track the other 99% of the time and to me the 250f is the bees knees on the track so I'm biased. But honestly the most fun I ever had in the woods was on an old '02 yz125. If you know what you're doing you can get any bike to take you where you wanna go and that thing just felt so light and flickable at slower speeds in the trees. Plus nothing beats the sound and smell of a 2 stroke.

Oh sweet man, I'm 15 so 125? Or 250? I've had 4 strokes all my life and at the moment I'm riding a Drz400e in the bush cheers

Do you know anyone with a 250 2T ?


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I ride both a YZ250 and a RM125 in the woods.  The 4stroke vs 2stroke is personal preference.  I just like a 2stroke bike.  As far as 125 vs 250 goes it depends on your size and skill level.  If your riding a drz400e then you should have no problem with the extra weight of the 250 over the 125.  My personal opinion on the 125 vs 250 in the woods is the 125 requires more clutch work but the 250 wears you out quicker.  The 125 feels like a mountain bike with a motor which is super easy to flick around but sometimes you wish for a little more power.  The 250 has the extra power but also requires more strength and endurance to ride.  Not to mention it will hurt you quicker then the 125 if you make a mistake or get a little too throttle happy at the wrong time.

Just wondering what bike I should buy, I don't know anyone with a yz250 but my best mate has a yz125, I throw my 250f around really well but I'd like to try something different! But I don't want a yz125 and then need a bigger bike cause I'm 6foot and 60kgs, I also ride a lot of farm/enduro stuff so long rides..

What do you think?

You should look into a ktm 200,aybe even a 300. Light weight two strokes geared for the trail. I've never personally ridden a ktm 2 stroke 200, bit people who have them love em

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