2008 caliper on 2013 450sxf

I was browsin the internet and i found a 2003-2008 sxs gp caliper for sale. I researched and found it had 28mm pistions vs 24 and its 250gr lighter.

I already have the new sxs caliper with moto master 270 flame disc on my new bike but not on my old bike. As to maximize the upgrades, i am goin to place the new sxs caliper on my old bike, then take the lighter sxs caliper and install it on my new bike

I ordered the adapter 211055 from my parts guys and once it gets here i will start postin pix... But for now i leave u with the 2014 factory bike pic

I may buy the new shocks later on and modify my chassis here to reflect the new changes by ktm

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392550939.074696.jpg

Is there a question ?

I an sharing a finding that others can follow...

Caring is sharing

Ah I see sorry I was just not sure

Did it work naf?

It worked, i have a 2008 SXS caliper on my bike. still using the 270mm rotor...a good 1/2lb lighter. Will install my other sxs caliper on my wifes bike...


The only drawback is i need to pull a little further on the lever now, for i have larger pistons in my caliper. But now i should have more brakin control...

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The diff on the 09 up caliper also cordinates with the caliper bracket. But how the bracket mounts to fork has been the same since 2000. So you can use an older caliper on new bike, newer caliper on old bike so long as you use the correct bracket for caliper.

that is correct. I also have a 310 rotor for supermoto so i need to order the correct bracket to attach my caliper to fit the other rotor.

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