Starting problems crf250r

I have a 2008 crf250r. The bike has about 60-70 hrs on it, not very hard hrs mostly woods trails. The bike has always ran great. 2 weeks ago I rode about 60 mi of trails and probably started the bike 15-20 times that day with no trouble. Came home and washed bike. 1 week ago at the track, the bike started good 1st start cold. I warmed it up and about 1/2 hour later went to ride after track was prepped and it wouldn't start. I kicked till I couldn't 3 or 4 different times till it finally started. This happened for the 3-4 sessions that I rode. Came home and washed bike again. I took it out Thursday to see if I would have trouble. I did but got it to idle for a few seconds with no choke and gave it a lil throttle and it killed and hasn't started since. I cleaned airfilter, changed plug, and cleaned carb. All jets were clear, I tried to trace every circuit in carb and blow through and they seem clear. I even took mid section of carb apart and cleaned. It had some debris from the sealant used to put the o-ring on and cleaned it all. It still won't start. It fires 1 or 2 pops on almost every kick but won't start running. I have a friend with an identical bike that I will try to swop coil and ignition box. Any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated. Trying to get it running for an enduro this weekend. Thanks.

Check the valves.

I forgot to add in the post that I took the head off and the buckets and the rocker arm has a lil play so I would assume they aren't too tight. Didn't check exact clearances yet though. Could the valves still prevent it from starting if the buckets and rocker arm has play? (I'm obviously not a mechanic, just trying to learn)

yes hondas are known for valves and wont allow it to start because valves wont be able to open long enough in the engine to keep it running or if it does very poorly

Thanks I'll set valves within tolerance and post results.

 i suspect its your coil, if your coil was going it would be giving trouble when warm but after cooling down restart would be easy. confirm valve clearances and timing marks is what I would do and maybe check for water in your fuel.

when valves tighten up starting is tough cold but once running its good for the day- first start of the day may take a push start but don't do that

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Valves were too tight. Thanks for all the help and info. I read what seemed to be a very accurate jetting combo and starting procedure to save on the kicking, can anyone share the best set up and procedure for an '08 250?

Thanks again.

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