Changing Needle Rollers in Shock Linkage


I am midway thro changing the bearings in my rear suspn linkages and have come against a problem!

The triangle linkage was no problem but the fork linkage that attaches to the frame I cannot get into the bearings to press/tap them out as they are pressed into a machined recess. Is this a dealer only job? I'm guessing they may have a special puller to do it? I'm using an OEM bearing kit as well.

Also for the future how often do people strip/clean/relube them? The book says 7.5hrs riding is that reasonable? The needles in it were absolutely foo barred when I got it after an initial strip to check and don't want to go there again!

Finally my forks have quite a lot of initial stiction but are quite plush when moving. I have K Tech seals which is the only non OEM bits and I'm running fresh 310 ml  5w oil on the std 4,12 N/mm springs. It seems like the forks don't slide well initially for soft impacts. When you push on the seat near the tank the back always moves first with the forks only moving if you have some weight on the bike and then it seems to be ok. The clickers are set to std and I have tried softening the comp but it still seems sticky any ideas?

2011 CRF 250 X

Cheers in advance


Won't be a dealer only job to press out the bearing. Some can only be pressed from one side. Some sit in a built up area in the link so it will look like you are pressing on the bearing but you are pressing on the lip of the link itself. Clean it up and post pics.


Pop the dust seal and try greasing the area between the fork seal and the dust seal and put some lube on the fork tubes and then wipe it off to get the seal lubed up. Should do that after every wash. Always use OEM seals.

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