SM610 one way starter bearing...

Yo! New to this forum as I've just bought an SM610. TT seemed like a good place to come!


So yeah, I have an issue. My bike will not start. There is no kick start on it (but I have a spare engine I think from a TE610? with a kickstart mech so I may swap it over). Electric start sounds rough as guts. Stripped it out (starter all checked out and cleaned and it's looking spot on) and found that the gear that sits on the crank with the one way bearing inside (I guess anyway!) doesn't always lock. It seems to turn both ways half the time. 


Can you buy the bearings from somewhere?


Apparently it's the same as a TE410/610 as well but I'm a proper newbie to these type of bikes!

Hmmm, is it likely to be the starter clutch?

Hmmm, is it likely to be the starter clutch?


Hi, and welcome,


  the bikes are good + solid  - but are getting on in years now..,


a good battery is essential on them..,


 yes the 410 and 610 are all very similar,

 not much  in common with the left kick bikes though,

 frame + plastics only..,



there are still a few husky specialsts around,

 where are you based..??, 

as the favourites are in


London - Uxbridge


North West - Carnforth,


 West Wales - Llanelli


Charlie - Oxford

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I'm in Suffolk at the moment but moving back to Cornwall next year.

Right okay, I'll look for parts from them then. I think once I've fixed everything it'll be a solid bike anyway!

I'll have to see if I can get hold of one of those suppliers to get a new woodruff key for the crank. Mine is sheared off and I can only find half of it! I think the other half was the bit of mangled metal I removed from the crank case though!

Is it worth going for a gel or lithium ion battery by the way? Are normal acid ones good enough?

I'll be using this bike every day (unless I get the blade out)

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