1984 klr600 project

Hi there,

I picked up an old klr as a non runner.

I'm gradually working through it bit by bit and today is carb day, the most obvious issue with this is the fact that the previous owner appears to have cut the choke cable and clamped it off so I have a new one on order but I also noticed that on the side of the carb just under the choke there is what seems to be the remnants of a plastic tube that must have snapped. I cant find anything in the manual to identify it so I thought i would ask you fine folk if you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance




Hi mate- just had mine to bits the other day and can't remember what it was- post back in 12hours with the answer (when I get up in the morning)

Hi, that would be great thank you, I have a few other questions too you may be able to answer, I'd really apreciate it.

Hi- yeah sure-actually forgot to look- I'll pop out now and look and take pic for you too.

Ha dude!! Can't be much as mine hasn't anything attached and mine works fine- starts easy and choke works fineImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392833160.667388.jpg

Also fire away with your other questions if you want and I'll help if I can

Oh cool thats one less thing to worry about then thanks, I actually just got her started for the first time! shes blowin oil from the gaskets on the cylinder head and is fine going up the gears but pretty hard going coming back down, I'll have to have a further inspection tomorrow after work......bad times!

Good- hit me back if you need any help- I have a post on here about piston rings and what I had to bodge...errr...remanufacture to get mine to run after it lost compression and struggled to start after only 700 miles from the previous owners "full rebuild"....yeah right!

Speak soon mate. :)

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