Wattsy, Reliving the Glory Years

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Check out this video!

1997 125cc World Enduro Champion, and 1998 ISDE Overall winner, Shane Watts, takes a 15 year trip back in time from 2013 to relive the "Glory Days" of when he was one of the most dominant riders in the world of Offroad motorcycle racing. Watch as Wattsy takes out of storage the true "full factory" KTM 125 machines he won these Championships on and then goes roosting some of the exact trails used on Day 2 of the 1998 ISDE, held in Australia. He then compares these bikes to the performance of a current model 2014 KTM 125 and finds some very revealing outcomes.




Keep on Roosting! 

Getting out the vintage factory bikes! That was AWSOME! Goes to show the effort put into factory bikes, still better in many ways than modern stock, 15 years earlier...of course those bikes were tailor made to fit and work how he wanted them to feel. Stock vs stock would have been a different story I think.

Kudos to a great rider and a great supporter of dirtbiking.

As I posted elsewhere on this video.

Its a good testimony on how even a older bike can still be competitive today! You don't have to have the next big thing.

Onya Shane :thumbsup:

Interesting stuff, gotta laugh at some of the stuff said about the "maintenance" of the factory bikes over the years.


Couldn't say I was expecting to see Tuffy in there, pretty funny but . :lol:  "he always was last, he was always the same distance behind no matter what bike it was".

I have been watching your new series... great stuff, keep em coming!


I have money down on a 2014 KTM 250SX.... going to be setting it up for woods/mx  I run the local enduro races which are a mix of woods and moto



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