jd jet kit vs dynojet kit

Want to put a jet kit in my bike. It appears both companies have kits. the dyno kit comes with a pilot jet and such, while the jd kit does not. dyno is aalso $10 cheaper. Is there any benefit to the jd kit over dyno? both seem to have strong customer support.Which would you suggest? Has anyone used both or even just one and loved/hated it? 



James Dean kits are better, hands down

Better support, OEM jets

The JD kit came with excellent instructions if you are new to jetting. 

I used a Dynojet kit on one bike but wouldn't do it again. It was cheaper and the bike ran great after the install.  But the Dyno kit uses an adapter and some smaller, maybe proprietary jets.  The numbers don't match up with that of Keihin so you have no way of comparing what you've done with others.  

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