Too much compression? 07 CRF450r

Hey I recently bought an 07 crf450r, ive owned many 125's and 250 two strokes. And I could start them up real easilly. I also had a wr250f and I could get it to go 1st kick!

this thing just doesnt want to be kicked over, Im 6,1 170 pounds and I have to lean up against a wall/tree to kick it over nice and hard.

it was -4 degrees celsius outside when I tried starting.

I pulled the choke out, leaned the bike over til gas came.out the overflow.. And gave two twists of gas before kicking it. She just didnt want to start!

Am I doing something wrong? should it be this hard to kick it over? I wouldnt dare to kick it over without boots.

All answers would help, cheers!

Perhaps the cylinder is full of fuel, the decompression system is broken, or the decomp system is maladjusted.

agreed on the decomp system.  This is the first year of the sprocket weight on the CRF and it really  needs to have a small tack weld on the pin to the gear.  I have had one and after researching it is not uncommon to have the counterweight come off.  When that happens, it usually flys out the head cover and then you have more issues.  But it will defeat the decomp system.


08 they use a much longer pin and there is more metal in the gear to prevent this. 

How much would a smaller shop charge to fix this? I dont want to get robbed lol

The prev. Owner told me that the de comp system was garbage anways. Maybe thats why?

Timing is prolly off one tooth, look at the sticky at ther top of forum and check timing, when in doubt buy a new cam, I had a cam that had spun on it's shaft, ( cam gear is just pressed on camshaft) and it just needed replaced, but that is prolly the problem.

Is see if the Decomp mechanisim could be out of adjustment first.

I just did a 450x and it was looser than spec. Was way hard to kick over.

The owner thought it needed a valve adjustment but all were in spec.

So I adjusted the decomp mech and put a new vac release plate seal in the carb starts like a champ now.

Alright, thank you guys. Ill have the mechanic go over it!

From the sounds of these responses.. Im gonna lean towards a faulty decomp system

If anyone knows what a fair rate would be to have this done, please let me know

Get some quotes , use professionals .

Get some quotes , use professionals .


There in lies the problem with the motorcycle business. Lots will tell ya they're professionals, yet they cant find their asses with both hands.

I was quoted $200 - $400 for a valve adjustment and to fix the kickstarter problem.

Sounds fair to me

-4c makes them hard to start.


check valves as well.

Not fair. Spend 50 bucks and get a service manual, you will spend less and learn more, for 400 bucks buy a new head and valves oem. I believe timing is retarded a tooth or the decompression unit is hanging out and not in its slot.

I was quoted $200 - $400 for a valve adjustment and to fix the kickstarter problem.

Sounds fair to me


Holy Mother...Its an hour of work with no parts to speak of. Lawyers are cheaper than your guy.

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