Best place to get graphics for an 05 kx250f?

I have been looking all over for some graphics for my 05.  I can only seem to find graphics that look good for 06+.  Any help?

EBay is where I found mine.

I got some sweet custom graphics from factory effex for my 04

How long ago did you get them? I am only seeing stock stuff (extremely limited selection) for 05 and older.  I can get a kit on for about 150 or so.  I have new plastics and the bike looks too plain to me but I would like something like the newer bikes with a lot more black and green (which im pretty sure everyone else does too lol)

Oh its probably been a couple years. has them. Just click on DX1 Customs. Looks like they can print graphics for any bike ever made. U gotta know what u want tho...

Lol at the google link... Trust me, Ive clicked about every link on the 1st and 2nd page of google.  itll bring you to a site that says they have graphics, once you narrow the search to 04/05 there are no results. Ill look into the DX1 stuff.


Thanks for the responses

These are the Factory Effex DX1 Custom shroud graphics that i got.





That doesnt look too bad.  Is that front rim painted or dipped? if so, how well does it hold up?

Its dipped. Had the rear dipped too but i tore it up a bit when i changed the tube. It holds up good as far as riding. Changing tires is hard on it tho..

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