Installing aftermarket fuel screw

Hi Everyone,



Bought a new fuel screw and want to install on my 2006 450x. Would it be possible to get the stock fuel screw out and putting the new one in without rotating the carb?


If not, does anyone have a picture guide on how to twist the carb to remove/add fuel screw? I looked all over the net and can't find one!

First time owning one of these and don't want to screw something up haha.



Loosen air boots

Turn carb

...don't break the plastic nut on the top of the carb when doing this

I agree loosen the bolts , turn the carb, get a piece of surgical tube and slip it over the stock screw and your all good. I ran the old screw for a while with the tube on it , it is just as easy to adjust as the flex.jet fuel screw, I replaced it with.

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