Help me with my trade! 2007 kx250f or 2008 yz250f?

Hey I'm wanting to trade my 2005 kx250 two stroke for a 250f! And the two trades I was offerd were the 07 kx250f and the 08 yz250f... And I was just wondering witch is a better deal? There both in good condition but the kx looks way cleaner and looks like it was taken care of better! But I already have a 2004 yz250f and I'm happy with it!! Also I'm going to start racing soon so I was wondering witch is better to work on and witch is better for racing and witch is stronger but better handling!! Please help ASAP!!! Thank you!!!!

Also.. Is any of these worth trading for my bike?

Cant comment on the kx but i love my 08yz250f. Great bike

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