Best Practice for Infrequent Riding Season

My son and I like to get the bikes ('08 CRF230F and '12 TTR125LE) out for the odd winter run when possible.  Obviously, it is totally dependant on the trail conditions but when things are packed down, we have a good network of skidoo/walking trails to cruise on.


My question is this - since this only happens every few weeks or so, is it a good practice to run the carb dry of fuel at the end of each ride or is a few weeks (maybe up to a couple of months) not that big of a concern?


Thanks for any input.


I'm sure the proper answer is to run it dry and put some fuel stabilizer in the tank but can tell you from personal experience that mine's sat for months at a time with no ill effects. Fires up every time no matter how long it's been sitting (assuming battery is kept charged).

Do not drain anything

Always use Sta-Bil every time you put gas in the tank.

You won't be sorry

Ok. Just to be clear though. I'm not draining, just letting it idle until dead. Is that a bad thing?

Are you suggesting using Sta-Bil through the entire riding season?

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Yes I am unless you ride every day and are always buy fresh fuel out of the pump.

Most ? people buy 5 gallons at a time and it may take several weeks to use it all.

Why not play it safe and just put some Sta-Bill in the 5 gallon jug every time you fill it up the you'll never ever have to worry about it again for at least 6 months.

And that's if you always store your fuel in a cool place out of the sun.

And technically the only time you should ever store it in plastic is in your bike.

All race fuel comes in Metal cans so vapors cannot escape and light will not enter.

I'm just saying normal gas goes bad way sooner than you may think now days,

Why take a chance?

Always store in metal can, in garage out of sunlight. Stabil is great and good to always add. Guy is right. Gas has short shelf life now days. There is good stuff if using any ethanol also. Ethanol is hell on carbs, petcocks etc. I always use non-ethanol as places here have it.

every time i fill up my gas cans, whether it is summer , winter. I always put Sta-bil In the cans, everything starts. Dirtbike. four wheeler, razor, lawnmower.  good stuff

Thanks for all the feedback. Easy decision when multiple supporting responses!

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O/T but my son and I have a CRF230 and TTR125 as well.  Funny.

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