Ktm 250 sxf

Hi I have just had my ktm 250 powder Coated and now I can't see my frame numbers is there any way i can if them

Get some real fine sant paper and just rub on the plate where the numbers are and they should show up but you will loose some colour

Just had 2 frames powder coated and same thing happened. I asked them to try and protect them. But he said when they sand blasted it took them off. So I am going to punch them back in. Let me know if you find yours.

Does anyone know what size frame numbers are

Frame numbers?

You cannot buy stamps to change/modify the VIN., If you have obscured them, you are going to have a hard time restoring them in a legal manner. Contact your selling dealer for assistance. They may be able/willing to restore them (if they own a proper stamp set) or you may have to contact the State Police and have them issue a new VIN.

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