2001 YZ426F, pink wire mod, regulator needed?

I have a 2001 YZ426F and recently swapped in a WR426 flywheel and stator. I did the pink wire mod, cut the pink wire and grounded the wire from the 6 pin connector to the frame and the other end of the pink wire from the stator did not connect to anything. Hooked up my Baja Designs 100 watt halogen light, grounded the light to the coil ground and hooked the power wire from the light to the yellow wire from the stator. I started the bike and had light at idle than when I revved the motor up the light got brighter, than the bulb blew.

So leads me to believe I need a DC regulator or did I do something wrong?

If I do need a DC regulator how do I wire it? Leave my current grounds in place and just ground the regulator on the frame or at the coil ground?

Looking forward to feedback and waiting patiently for my new bulb to be sent out. Thanks

Google Ricky Stator. They'll know just what you need.

I will do that, thank you! Can't wait to do a night ride, I will post up what they say.

I called Ricky Stator today, they were closed yesterday due to the holiday. He said it depends, some bikes you do not need them and others you do. Apparently my bike needed one so I ordered it and a new bulb. Hopefully this weekend I should be able to test it out!

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Where did you purchase your wr426 stator and flywheel? I can't seem to find them anywhere and when I do they are close to $500.

Where did you purchase your wr426 stator and flywheel? I can't seem to find them anywhere and when I do they are close to $500.


I was able to get it off of, yet I paid the same price roughly after having a bidding war. I did however get the complete wr426 harness, coil, cdi box, flywheel, stator. Basically all the electronics.


You need an AC regulator, check the link



I ordered one last week, hoping to install it tonight with my new bulb. Thank you for the help! You guys have fast shipping and great customer service! A+ in my book. 

I got the regulator all hooked up and light works flawlessly! Thanks again to Mike at Baja Designs and Ricky Stator.

Did you have to modify the stator itself by clipping the pink wire and resolder it to the copper wire? Or is that step unnecessary as you stayed on a AC system?

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