06 250f throttle slide plate oring idle issue

I'll make this brief. new to me 06 250f with hanging idle. Disassemble carb and found the plate that fits on the throttle slide had no oring or seal of any type where as the IPB shows one. Given everything else is good that normally causes this can i assume this the source of my erratic throttle???????

Quite possibly.


If that seal was missing, who knows what else is missing or incorrect. Take the time to fully check out the carb, re-initialize the slide to the throttle shaft and the throttle shaft to the AP.

I'm curious about the center piece down inside that's bolted to the carb. Don't know the nomenclature. I do know its not normally removed because of lack of availability of the oring for it. If I remove it to check would that be a mistake?

You are referring to the removing the torx security screws that hold the carb halves together? Do not remove them unless you are will to accept the high probability of ruining your carb. Splitting the carb is only for experienced mechanics.



Treat your carb like a $1,000 watch.

I was more concerned about breaking the seal and the lack of availability of parts and whether or not the previous owner had already done it at this point. I'll examine the screws to see if they appear to have been tampered with and go from there.

Was 100% of the problem. Runs flawlessly.

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