Bent valves 06 Wr450

Two intake valves not seating completely (assuming they are bent).  Stopped the piston at top during idle.   This happened with about 2 hours on a fresh rebuild, top and bottom.  Didn't do anything with the valves during rebuild because they seemed to be seating fine.   Timing chain seems ok.  Wondering if maybe it skipped of something.  That doesnt seem likely to me but I saw it mentioned in another post.  Gonna get the valves done but wanted some feedback on the overall cause of this before I put her back together.  Also, I did notice some backfiring going on after the build.  I did adjust the valves before startup.  Pretty confidant the valves were all in spec.  Thanks in advance for any feedback... 

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If the valves are bent, they will have an excessively large amount of clearance. 


Are you saying you pulled it apart without checking the cam timing?

  Thanks for the reply Greyracer.  I figured it out.  My intake cam froze.  Burring on the cam, and the seat, and cover.  Lucky it happened at idle I guess.  No apparent damage to piston.  Thinking about just taking the whole valve cylinder to a machine shop to have 'em go through it for me.    Im not opposed to shipping it off for the work, but Im open to any recommendations for a local shop near Sacramento.

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