Yesterday was semi-sad

Well the YZ went down the road to a new owner yesterday, 40+ years of Yamaha except for a brief period on a Suzuki RMX in the late 90's. Hope the Beta is as bulletproof as my Yamaha's were. I started out on a 69 DT1 in 69 picked up used when a spoiled kid wanted a snowmobile so grandma said he had to sell the bike to pay for part of it. Don't remember the miles on it when purchased, but it was like new for $600 - had to sell it the end of the next summer to finish paying for the last two kids born. Back then you could charge the birthing costs at the hospital and we had two within 10 and a half months in 67 & 68 and I was feeling guilty, sold it for what I had paid. The Beta should make it easier for me with electric start and a shorter seat height, holding off from adding a Rekluse for a while as I have had them on my last couple of YZs. I will be getting one tho, I just think I learn more about the bike for a month or two riding with the manual clutch.

Holy shit, Your old like me!! I remember the Yamaha DT's. My uncle had a few of them we used to ride around out in the desert. My dream bike right now is the Yamaha Tenere. I took one on a demo ride and fell in  love.


So far the Beta has proven to be very bulletproof. I took it on a really nasty trail, (Malcom Smith Trail) all bagged up and beat the crap out of it. It never once failed to start with the magic button. Even after ghost riding it, flipping it upside down, sideways, and slamming into the rocks.


It was one of the most challenging trails I have ever encountered. Truth be told, I was actually over my head with this bike. It's more of a lightweight bike trail. Not made for a 300+ lb adventure bike!!


Here are a few pics of that trail.  Please note my leg position. Freeking rocky hill was steep! And this was the easy part. Keep in mind I'm a "C" rider at best.




Pictures of me in not so good of form struggling on "easy stuff"






It just got more ugly from there. A few of us ended up having to ride out a 450KTM some other guy just left behind. So yes, you are going to be happy with your purchase.

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Yes, I am a "little long in the tooth" and another reason for looking for a bike that will be a little easier to ride. After 7 decades plus two I need all the help I can get, so the Beta was chosen as it still has to be a two-stroke and I have an orange phobia. I'm sure it will be just fine!

I think your going to be happy with your choice, I have abused the hell out of my 300rr right out of the box and it keeps right on ticking. I came off a orange bike and will never look back. 

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Not sure on the shorter seat height, they are almost 37" unless you're taking about peg to seat height then they are shorter. I'm not sure if it's just me or not but seems like most Beta owners are 40's+. Not sure if thats good or bad. lol

Sounds like this was the week to clean out the garage.  I just let go of my Beta Rev3 Trials bike, in hopes of building up a warchest for a Beta 450/520 RS.  Rode the DRZ around a bit today hoping it lost some weight over the past week, but it still weighs more than it should, especially after playing around on a trials bike.  Mentioning the DT1 brings back some memories,  a buddy let me borrow his for week once while in HS, coolest bike with that curved high pipe, (usually dripping oil from it) and those funky drum brakes.  40+ owners is probably because of the price of admission for these Italian beauties, not many HS kids can swing that. 

Well the seat height is almost 1 & half inches shorter than a YZ, when your inseam is less than 28" that amount of difference is certainly noticeable. As far as cost I don't think that is a factor, there are several young-uns that have new orange bikes and we all no what they cost. Plus by the time I was done with my Yamahas they cost as much as a new standard 300rr. I'm sure it will suit me just fine, but when you bleed blue, yellow, silver & white for as many years as me it is hard to make the switch.

My 2013 KTM 300 XCW headed down the road last week. It was the first KTM I owned that I was not sad to see go. Looking forward to a long-term relationship with my 300RR. I turn 54 this year so maybe it is an old man thing.

I like to think we are smarter than the young-uns!!!

56 this year for me. Goal is the A class by season's end on this bike.

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