144sx clutch master cylinder

I have a question regarding master cylinder part numbers and was hoping someone on here could help. I have a 2008 144sx and noticed the clutch master cylinder is seeping a bit around the nylon washer that holds the piston in the cylinder. I tore it apart and seen that whatever coating magura puts on the master cylinder is flaking off inside the bore, so I'm assuming that is what's causing the leak. Instead of just trying a rebuild kit, I figured I should probably replace the master cylinder. My question is what magura part # is the same as the one on my bike. I know it's a 9.5 mm but it seems there are a couple different part #s and I don't want to order one that will not work. The magura part numbers I seen were 0020580 and 2000302. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

Found the ktm part # is 50302030200

Looks like I can only buy the complete assembly.

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